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The Earth Awakenings Platform supports community discussions, multiple livestream broadcasts, research project development, and social networking for exploring the nature of human life and the earth.


Gempanda’s Live Debate Channel

The Globe Earth Theory’s

last line of defense 24/7 .

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That Flat Earth on Discord 


Live Flat Earth Debate streamed daily. You are all invited to join the live panel and express your views on the shape of the earth. Live Flat Earth Debate 2pm UK Time Daily Eastern 9AM Central 8AM AWST 10PM

Dan The Water Man and the “FREE Group” of Flat Reality Earth Explorers



Shane St.Pierre = Anti DisInformation


Biblical NON-Orthodoxy

 Algo Rhythm – Talk Show Host

Street Activism At It’s Best


Bible & Scripture Studies

Wayki Wayki – Mark Knight

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The  FREE EARTH MEDIA GROUP is a social networking platform for free speech inspired by the Flat Earth Community. An oasis for all things “FE”, away from the censorship of the main stream internet. Flat Earth / Free Earth Radio Live and the FE Channel together with all of the Free Earth Media Group of websites, were founded by Russell Dibird, and are featured here FREE for your personal use. On it, you’ll find social media tools, news and live broadcasts. The purpose of the FREE EARTH MEDIA GROUP is to be a home for people who are tired of truth hiding behind censorship and specifically for those who acknowledge that we live on a flat plane, not a spinning ball. Join us! Be a Host of your own FEMG blog and radio show! We look forward in getting to know you and receiving your feedback!

Russell Dibird Show, DibirdShowA unique mixture of blogs, blurbs, vlogs and podcasts submitted by the people of the free-earth. With host Russ Dibird. Russ is the founder of Free Earth Media Group. (FEMG)

REFRACTED PHILOSOPHY  – “THOUGHTS THAT DEVIATE FROM THE MAINSTREAM” is The Hammer’s show on Fridays Live from 5PM EDT – 10PM UK | with more shows every other Saturday 2PM EDT – 7PM UK

Dr. Rodrigo Ferrari-Nunes’




“The Globe Is Dead” Series

Distant Horizon Photography

Magnification & Compression

New 12 step programs with Flat Earth Anonymous for newbies and another as Flat-Anon for Normies , our friends and our families.

New flat earth documentary series produced and Directed by Shelley Lewis is a live FE TV Station

Flatzoids’s Perspective channel is dedicated to 3 things. The foundation is flat earth but focus on self improvement and audience retention as well. I hope to inspire people to better themselves and look at elevating their passion in life. No matter your view flat or globe, all are welcome here!

Flat Earth Hollywood Live is made by real truth-seekers from the greater Los Angeles area brought together with an online support community whom up until now, could not verify the theory that we live on a globe.

Accomplished author and activist/guru Mark Hollander illustrates the massive deception that is our lives. Hoodwinked looks into how the entire flat-earth has been misled and slapped in chains as slaves to corporate mastery.

Free Earth music is a new concept, we scrub the internet for unsigned artists and people who just have enough to say to make a song about it. Join DJ Ric Lotek daily to listen and experience that free music

Rob Flatlander

Educating ourselves by way of the Bible is perhaps the most noble thing we can do. Join host Rob Flatlander for Scripture in a way that you may have never seen it before. Rob’s own mix of recent events posed against what it says in the Bible is unique and should be experienced



Flat Top is Flat on Top

Missing Curve Lens Research


Beerman Observations

D.Marble – The FE Offensive

 Lucy Lemonsss – Terraplanista

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