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Accomplished author and activist/guru Mark Hollander illustrates the massive deception that is our lives. Hoodwinked looks into how the entire flat-earth has been misled and slapped in chains as slaves to corporate mastery.

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Educating ourselves by way of the Bible is perhaps the most noble thing we can do. Join host Rob Flatlander for Scripture in a way that you may have never seen it before. Rob’s own mix of recent events posed against what it says in the Bible is unique and should be experienced

Rocketman – ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes’ legacy is remembered on Free Earth Radio. The sacrifice he made will never be forgotten. 

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Join DJ Ric Lotek for the FERLive music lounge. The show features eclectic and smooth jazz as well as all your favorite instrumentals. Also, join Lotek for the Rock Hour on the weekends starting at 8:00 PM Eastern

Russell Dibird Show, DibirdShowA unique mixture of blogs, blurbs, vlogs and podcasts submitted by the people of the free-earth. With host Russ Dibird. Russ is the founder of Free Earth Media Group. (FEMG)

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