Genuine 💎 144,000 💫💫 Flat Earther 🗺 Terraplanista 🗺 Work Is Slavery 😭 Welcome to me! 💃 Good Vibes Only ✌ Blood Over Intent ✏ Save The Children 💛 Im Lucy Lemonsss! 🍋 Nobody Will Stop Me 🌞 Living La Vida Lemons 😎 Goddess Worship is Key👸 There are no coincidences 🙏 I like to post random things! 🙃 We Need to Unite Peacefully 🙏 Follow me if U want to live forever! 💚 I phuck it up 4me & other channels 🔥 The reality of this world is completely twisted & backwards. Everything U think U know is a lie. Schools R indoctrination centers. They study our minds & program us with their agendas. We shouldn’t exchange our precious 🕒 & energy for 💵. Money is paper with green makeup on it & it’s backed up by our own stupidity. We’ve been brainwashed 2 believe that we R monkeys floating thru space on a ball as an accident. The Earth is Flat & stationary. But don’t take my word for it, & please do your own research!

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