Thunder Talk is all about educating ourselves because we can’t leave it up to legislators, judges and governments to protect our freedom. Fortunately, the information comes in plain English. It is made into small bites that are easy to swallow. Listen in as complex legal issues are discussed. Law concepts with their roots in the dark ages are brought to the light. The information presented is all fact-based. Many of the concepts are tested in real court cases.

Thunder Bear Courage believes the whole system is insane. We are imprisoned by laws which support the global earth model. He explains this in great detail on his show. Find out about the Uniform Commercial Code and how it drives the laws we live with. Learn more about the path to freedom through the common law of the land. Discover why our names are written in all-caps on our birth certificates while our parents’ aren’t. According to Thunder Bear, it is all designed to enslave and control us; making every human a profit generating corporation owned by government elites.