Jack Keith To Be Interviewed On FERLive by Mark Hollander On His Show Hoodwinked Into the Age of Insanity.

Jack Keith, Tom Sovilla, Taking Selfie Together, FERLiveA true warrior for Jesus Christ and has been a walking testimony of what the spirit of Christ can do . Five years sober from drinking and drug abuse and is now a shining light for all truthers . Jack Keith ran over accidentally a bicyclist and the victim was near death and Jack did bedside vigils at his side and did a go fund me for him and raised over $10,000 in two weeks for his newfound friend . He was on the Kelly Clarkson show and will be on inside edition next week . We all love Jack and want to welcome my brother on Hoodwinked into the age of insanity Tuesday night, January 28, 2020 at 7 pm CST! Excited to have him on to tell his story!

We hope you enjoy the show.


Jack Keith, Tom Sovilla, Kelley Clarkson, Group shot

Jack Keith, Tom Sovilla, Kelley Clarkson Show Jan 22, 2020