Flat Earth Radio Has Been Born This Day – 17 November 2017

This vision now has a first step.  A platform for the exchange of entertainment, ideas, plans and goals for the Flat Earth community of seekers. All are welcome regardless of other personal beliefs, with the main rule being “play nice”.

I want to say in advance, before meeting any of the amazing people that this project will bring into my life and path, that I appreciate all of you!!!   YOU are the reason I have embarked on this adventure – in the hope of meeting you and learning the wonderful truths of this Earth Building together.

I welcome you and encourage you to participate to whatever degree you feel lead.  Become the next radio talk show host, starring in your own broadcast.  Or enjoy the programs and share with your family and friends.

Thank you, in advance, for your generous support which keeps FERLive also FER FREE to the curious world.

My Warmest, Flat Earth Welcome

Russell Dibird, Founder, FERLive