By Ric Lotek

29 December 2018

As a US veteran… what percentage of troops do I think would actually open fire on US civilians if ordered to do so?

Oh, this is a painful question that has a painful response accompanying it.

First, off let us take a quick look at past incidents where US troops actually were given the order to fire on civilians and complied without hesitation, yes?

Kent State… those were not only American civilians… those were basically school children! Yet when their commanding officer said shoot they shot!

My Lai, Vietnam! A killing frenzy erupted after an Army officer ordered a group of civi’s to be fired upon… resulting in hundreds of South Vietnamese deaths… trouble was, we were there to PROTECT the South Vietnamese!

Jong Shu Province, South Korea… very few people know of this one… I only know about because my Dad was a Green Beret in Korea… his group wasn’t involved in it, they just came upon it. An entire village blown to pieces by US mortar fire… what the US calls FRIENDLY FIRE.

Occupy Wall Street… rubber bullets fired at the crowd… resulting in massive injuries and hospitalizations… had they been live rounds that same number of Americans would be dead. Although it is said that the police were the ones doing the shooting… it was Marine weapons that they were using to shoot Americans with.

Slojomi Pass… 17 Bedouin civilians in a caravan killed when they startled a camp of sleeping US Troops bivouacking in the pass overnight after being separated from their detachment. If you ain’t sure what it is… shoot it right?

Yemen, after a US Navy SEAL was killed during an operation local villagers say that the SEALS took the lives of a dozen or more villagers that weren’t even involved as a sort of “payback” 12 civi’s for one SEAL, that seems like a fair trade?!?!

The Pentagon said it and its allies conducted more than 10,000 strikes against the Islamic States, a massive air operation that presented a challenge to U.S. surveillance and intelligence capabilities and left an untold number of civilian casualties… as all massive air strikes do.

In a study mandated by Congress, the Defense Department said it considered allegations about the massive numbers of incidents, which took place in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, to be credible after an internal review. The study showed that over 500 civilians have been killed and another 169 civilians were reported injured. It bears mentioning that we are in these countries to “save” these people… hey, do us a favor America… don’t do us any favors!

Still think US troops wouldn’t blow a big hole in your head if ordered to do so Mr. and Mrs. America? Then listen to this… any gaps that may have existed created by “sensitive” troops that could potentially refuse orders to fire on a crowd of US people has been filled by the addition of foreign troops from war-like country’s that detest American’s anyway… so if your men and women won’t shoot you down America… we have someone that will!

If you are still of a mind to think that US troops won’t blast you and your fam to kingdom come, I want to remind you that the 500 civi’s killed in wars oversea’s that I just mentioned has only come about since Trump’s presidency… I didn’t even count the numbers racked up by other presidents.

Your money will not save you… escaping the city will not save you… neither will digging a hole and hiding inside with your fam and a years worth of groceries. A government list of people who build “bomb shelters” and things is easily obtainable… and that’s why such construction projects need to be reported to the guv… they know where your shelter is friend… they’ll come dig you up!

There’s only one thing that will save you…

PRAY! And after you have finished praying for yourself and your whole family… PRAY for the rest of us too. Remember all the armies of the world friends, and how they hate us. We have an army too… ours outnumbers theirs 300 to 1… and we have allies all over the Earth… and our numbers grow daily.

Our weapon is prayer… not incendiaries and explosives and live rounds. Kill me and two will take my place! They cannot win! The Bible says that unless these days were cut short none would survive… in other words God is promising that He will cut them off… their time grows short! Watch for it!!!<——–